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The Teleservices Company

The Teleservices Company was launched in the year 2000, in Dubai, UAE by Dr. Ahmed Tahlak. We are a one-stop teleservice company catering to all kinds of call centre procedures. Our main aim is to provide consultancy services besides rendering procured training and courses in the development of customer service skills, management, and leadership skills.

We provide holistic training to the call centre employees and educate them with complete knowledge about the products and procedures concerning their job. Teleservice is an award-winning company as we have been awarded by His Highness Sheik Mohammed.

Our Services

Customer Service Skills We provide professional training to employees to help them develop superior customer support skills. These training programs help in shaping up better team dynamics and leads to improved work efficiency and output. Our training program includes the following aspects- basic supervisory skills, team building exercises, elementary negotiation skills, building customer loyalty and team motivation, interpersonal skills, and service-based selling.

Management Skills Administration is the binding force in any business, our skilled mentors will prepare your company chief on how to face a new set of challenges. Our management skills course is a short course which will help you land a job faster. The main divisions of the management skills training program are as follows- conflict resolution, decision making, negotiation skills training.

Leadership Skills We believe that effective leaders and motivators make a business a thriving success. As a leader, we train you on how to lead the change, develop problem-solving skills, and create a happy work environment.

Call Centre Training Courses In this course we make your employees proficient with a range of abilities to serve the client. We equip BPO employees with basic call center agent skills, call center manager skills, product training, and collection training, cross-selling and up-selling skills.

Protocol Training If your organization’s goal is to be world class in establishing international strong relationships and then companies need employees with protocol expertise and deliver high class international experience to your overseas clients. Our protocol course assures all the benefits of world class experiences to respective delegations and clients.

Trust Teleservices to deliver high-end customer service skill solution