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Protocol Training Courses Dubai

Dubai, being a major economic zone attracts foreign delegations and diplomatic personalities from all across the world. To be selected as an international protocol officer is a matter of great pride and achievement. If you have such similar dreams and ambitions, then protocol training can help you to achieve them with superior training courses. With our help, you can easily learn the skills and become a protocol officer for international guests.

5-Day Certification - "International Protocol Specialist Training"

Participants gain the knowledge to:Manage complex protocol and diplomatic events for visiting dignitaries and delegations, understand cross-cultural nuances to negotiate strategically worldwide, cultivate a sense of presence and diplomatic leadership to inspire clients, colleagues and guests



Presentation Skills
that Impress


Arrivals & Departure

Diplomatic Event


The training was intensive and no matter how much you think you know, eventually, after the training, you realize it was just a fraction! The training really helped me evolve to a professional diplomat since I continuously interact with delegates visiting from different parts of the world.

Dr. Muna TahlakDr. Muna Tahlak,

CEO, Latifa Hospital, Dubai, UAE

Why Choose Such a Protocol Training Course?

International Protocol Specialist Training

We are one of the best protocol training school in Dubai with equally able trainers who can support your learning process. We deal with subjects such as Modern Diplomacy, Diplomatic Leadership, Diplomatic Negotiations, Presentation Skills and many more. We offer a complete range of training that can prepare you for any and everything that you may need. With the best facilities, we can assure your success in such a field. Therefore, if you desire competence and success in such a profession, then make haste and reach out to us today for a superior training course in International Protocol.